7 compelling reasons to wear functional thermal underwear

PIXY kids' thermo T-shirt Grey Melange | BlackCome with us to see the main advantages of thermal underwear. We will help you understand why it is so praised and why its popularity keeps soaring.

In case of an increased physical activity the body temperature rises and the body begins to overheat. The natural temperature of the body is within the range of about 36 to 37°C. Therefore, the body reacts to overheating by sweating and trying to cool itself off. You surely know the uncomfortable feeling, when you have sweaty clothes sticking to the body – it is cold, it takes a long time to dry and you are terribly cold.

1. Functional underwear regulates your body temperature

Functional underwear from specially prepared microfibers is the best choice for direct contact with the skin. Unlike cotton and other dysfunctional fabrics, it does not absorb water, i.e. neither sweat, and conversely, it very quickly leads moisture from the skin to other functional layers. It helps to stabilize the body temperature and save your energy.

2. Thermal underwear is not cold

The ability not to absorb sweat brings another indispensable feature - thermal underwear will not make you cold. It will maintain its functions and lead the sweat away, but you'll still feel a maximum comfort. Say goodbye to annoying chills - thermal underwear will keep you warm and dry.

3. Functional shirts and pants dry quickly

Fast-drying ability of the underwear is also very practical. Imagine, how long it will take for a cotton shirt to dry, when you get caught by rain. In unfavourable conditions, drying may well take an entire day. Fortunately, thermal underwear does not bring such problems. It is able to function fully shortly after getting wet.

PETER men's thermo T-shirt Blue Melange4. Enjoy freedom of movement due to thermal underwear

Underwear is designed to completely adhere to the body and has become the de facto your second skin. It enables a completely free and natural movement. The important advantage is its sticking to the skin. If it did not adhere to the skin, it would impair its thermoregulatory capability.

5. There is nothing better than flat seams

Flat seams are the logical result of tight adhesion of underwear to the skin. So as not to irritate the skin, flat seams are used, which you don’t feel at all while wearing the underwear, while they are totally reliable and solid.

6. Functional material = low weight

Another very useful feature is the low weight of functional underwear. It does not pose any significant burden for the user. Even after getting wet, it is very lightweight and you will not even notice a slight increase of weight.

7. Versatility and variability above all

If you select the right type of thermal underwear, you take advantage of its features even in summer months. In addition to the efficient removal of sweat, it also helps to cool off the body.

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