Do you know how to dress properly for an autumn walk?

Certainly you know that well. You are standing in front of the wardrobe and you don't know what to wear. Won´t you be cold? On the other hand, what if you wear too many clothes? Dressing appropriately is a really difficult task in autumn because the weather is unpredictable. We will advise you how to dress to feel well while going out for a walk.


Warm underwear is the basis

Even the Lemonade Joe knew that warm underwear is worth it. You don't have to wear thermal underwear every day, it depends on how sensitive to cold you are, and what the weather is. On a cold and windy day, you will be extremely grateful to have it, in the summer, you will probably leave it in a drawer.

Why is the functional underwear exceptional? It prevents the escape of heat, wicks moisture away and it does not leave your skin cold when you sweat. However, be careful to choose the appropriate type of functional underwear. Actually, it is produced for all seasons.  You don't need the warmest type. It is sufficient to have light or medium warm type of thermal trousers and a thermal T-shirt with long sleeves.

LOAP tip: Thermal underwear must fit closely to you. If it is too loose, it will not work, therefore, take a smaller size.                                                                                                              

Where is no fleece, there is cold

Put on a fleece sweatshirt on top of the thermal T-shirt. Why just the fleece sweatshirt? Because as well as the thermal T-shirt, it wicks the moisture and keeps you warm. If you take a cotton sweatshirt over the T-shirt, it will wick all the moisture that your  T-shirt evaporated, and you will feel cold.

Wind will not penetrate the fleece sweatshirt as easily as cotton hoodies, and fleece is also warmer. Select a sweatshirt with a high collar to protect the neck from the cold wind. Also check if the sweatshirt has a chin coverage. Thanks to this small gadget, the zip will not be cold.

LOAP tip: Get a sweatshirt with elongated sleeves and holes for the thumbs. You will have warm palms and back of your hands.

Even autumn cannot cope with softshell

You will also need a softshell jacket and trousers. Softshell is a highly durable material, which works great in combination with the thermal underwear and fleece. It is elastic, but primarily breathable, windproof and waterproof.

Functional jacket and trousers must have a sufficiently high water column, so that you are not caught by unexpected showers. However, the waterproofness has its limits. After a long day of walking in a heavy rain, even the clothing with the highest water column finally gets wet. In our conditions, clothes with water column 3000-5000 mm are sufficient.

Select a softshell jacket with a hood, fleece lining and underarm ventilation. The hood protects you from the rain and the wind, the lining warms you up, and the ventilation ensures that you will feel comfortable in the case that you eventually wore too many layers of clothes.

LOAP tip: When washing softshell clothes, use special impregnating detergent to protect the material.

Step out of the house with the right shoe

Eventually, wear outdoor shoes with a waterproof membrane. The height of the shoes is on you. In demanding terrain, ankle-high boots are better, for a regular walk, low track shoes are ample.

LOAP tip: Wear thermal socks if you do not have insulated boots.

Put a hat on your head and you can go

A cold wind blows out? Don't forget the accessories. You don't have to take a bobble hat. A lighter cap, which will cover the forehead and ears, will do nicely. Protect the neck with a scarf or neck warmer. The neck warmer is space-saving, you can put it in your pocket and take it out when you need it. The same applies for gloves, which you often appreciate, even if it looks like a beautiful sunny day outside.

LOAP tip: Don't underestimate the situation. A lot of bacilli are around us in autumn. Prevention is better than cure.

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