How does the principle of 3 layers of clothes work

Men's functional T-shirt METISThe onion layering system of clothes is based on the idea of gradual layering of various kinds of clothing. The aim is to ensure a maximum thermal comfort and maintain a stable body temperature. A proper layering works well, provided that you use functional underwear, do not shuffle the order of layers, and each layer includes clothing designed specifically for the given layer.

1. The absorption layer - functional underwear

It includes thermal underwear that enables evaporation of sweat away from the body and transfers it to the next layer by evaporation. The advantage is that, although the absorption layer absorbs the sweat, it does not keep it inside. Instead, the sweat goes through it to the next layer of clothing. Thanks to that functional underwear remains dry, so that you are not cold and your skin is kept warm.

Stay warm, without restriction in movement

The absorption layer is very comfortable, as regards wearing, since it naturally fits to the skin. It pleasantly clings to the skin and allows you to move freely without restrictions. Flat seams also work great, you almost do not feel them. The great fit of thermal underwear is a prerequisite for the proper function of the absorption layer. 

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Men's outdoor sweater GRAMER2. The insulating layer - fleece sweatshirts

The insulating layer takes over the sweat from the absorption layer and transfers it to the next layer, therefore it must be sufficiently breathable. It prevents loss of body heat and allows for evaporation of excess body heat at the same time.

It prevents heat loss, while allowing for evaporation of sweat

The insulating layer is made from high-quality fibers, which may also serve as an outer layer on warmer days, because they have excellent thermal insulation properties and some are also windproof. A typical representative of this layer is a fleece sweatshirt. It is lightweight, soft, breathable, warm and water-repellent.

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Men's softshell jacket URAGANO3. The outer layer - softshell jackets and pants

The last layer performs a protective function against external influences such as rain, wind and snow. Water resistance is a very important aspect that ensures the smooth operation of the lower layers. The top layer is therefore a great outer insulator, but breathable enough to be able to take the accumulated sweat and heat and evaporate it away.

If you do not want to be cold and if you want to stay dry

Like the insulating layer, this layer should lead away only the excess amount of body heat. Otherwise, you would be cold and other layers of clothing would not work. Learn to dress properly and enjoy a maximum comfort not only during sport activities or walking a dog.

TIP of LOAP: In winter, wear jackets with a waterproof membrane or coating and an integrated ventilation system. In less extreme climatic conditions, you can also use softshell jackets.

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