How to fix a tent

You turn your back once and it’s there: a hole in the flysheet or floor! And you tried so hard to make sure the tent wouldn’t get damaged! So what should you do now?


You can fix small tears yourself

If you notice a small-sized hole, don’t panic and patch it with a waterproof duct tape. You can also purchase a kit for fixing tents which contains variously sized patches. Attach them over the tear and you’re done.

If the seams aren’t watertight, paste them over

Seams that don’t seal well can cause a lot of problems. But you can outsmart them. Apply a seam glue which is usually a part of a kit for fixing tents. Or, you can buy it separately. The glue will seal the seams and prevent water from getting in. The glue can be used not only for sealing seams, but also for closing small tears. You can also use it for fixing backpacks or clothes.

Bring spare rods with you

Apart from the flysheet and the floor, the frame is one of the most strained parts of the tent. No wonder, then, that rods break from time to time. The easiest solution is to have spare rods at hand. Sometimes, you can buy them with your tent. Other times, they’re available from the seller or manufacturer. If you don’t have any spare rods, wrap duct tape around the broken one. With some luck, this makeshift solution will work until you return home.

In case of a more extensive damage, go to a repair shop

If you’ve given your tent so much hard time that not even a repair kit or duct tape can save it, take it to a repair shop. There, they can fix tears, replace the floor, rods, or zippers, sew new loops on, and apply impregnation. First, though, think about whether this approach pays off. Sometimes, it’s better to buy a new tent than to fix the old one.

LOAP tip: Rub soap or wax on a stuck zipper. It will work just like a new one.

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