How to take care of a backpack

What is the thing you cannot do without on any trip? A backpack. If you want it to last long, you should and keep it in a good condition.


Taking care of a backpack before an expedition

Care of the backpack begins even before the trip. Place the content into the backpack evenly, so as not to overload some parts. Watch our for sharp objects and edges. They could damage the material of the backpack, so do not place them near edges. Instead, hide them in the middle, ideally between some clothing. It is also good to observe the maximum load bearing capacity of the backpack. An overfilled backpack can loosen its seams and shoulder straps and zippers are overstrained as well.

Care during the journey

Each hiker likes to rest and get energy before continuing his or her journey. At such a moment, the backpack is set aside. You should always place it on a dry place, so that it does not get wet. Do no place it sharp stones.

Care after return

After returning home inspect the backpack thoroughly, it may have been damaged during the trip. If you find a hole, fix it. Now it's maybe just a little hole, but these holes are able to get larger fairly quickly. Empty the backpack and shake out crumbs and other debris out of it. Use a brush to ride through the zippers, in which a speck of dust, sand etc. is stuck.

You can easily replace cracked buckles; you just need to have a few spare pieces and a sewing kit at home.

Wash a dirty backpack with warm soapy water. Do not wash it in a washing machine and do not dry it in the dryer, so as not to damage it. After washing, leave the backpack to dry, otherwise it could begin to rot.

Store the backpack in a dry place, where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

LOAP TIP: Backpacks for everyday wear should also be cleaned from time to time. You can apply the above tips on school and city backpacks LOAP.

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