How to wash softshell and how to take care of it

You do not know how to properly wash your softshell jacket or softshell pants? You are going to wash them for the first time or you do not want to part with your favourite softshell jacket and you want it to last as long as possible? Today, we are going to wash softshell clothing and to advise you how to properly take care of it.


Should you wash softshell clothes or not?

People are often afraid to wash their softshell jackets, because they think that the machine would impair functional properties of the material. You might be surprised, but machine washing of softshell is desirable. Dirt and debris from the body sweat clog pores, the throughput of which is necessary for the proper functioning of the membrane. This means that occasional washing of softshell jackets is appropriate.

Small dirts can be removed with a damp cloth, larger ones can only be eliminated in a washing machine. When machine washing softshell jackets, strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions and do not rely just on your feelings. You will thus save yourself from a subsequent disappointment and you will save money, which would otherwise be necessary to buy new clothes.

Before washing softshell jackets

Before inserting the jacket into the washing machine, go through the pockets, remove their content and close all fasteners, including velcro zippers. Turn the jacket inside out. Softshell should be washed separately to avoid damage.

Which washing powder is suitable for washing of softshell?

The jacket is in your washing machine, so now just add the powder and start washing. However, be careful! Do not use regular washing powders to wash softshell jackets, invest in a special washing powder Instead. Trust us, it is worth it, because regular washing powders are not so gentle and they can impair the softshell properties. It is very easy to get a special washing powder for softshell, just go to the store with sports goods and outdoor clothing (e.g. Sportisimo) and choose one.

 Softshell vs. Fabric softener

Never use fabric softeners, when washing softshell jackets! The jacket will perhaps not smell like a blooming meadow, but it will retain its functional properties. Likewise, it is not appropriate to use water softeners and bleaches.

And what about impregnation?

Each jacket is an original and it cannot be estimated, how long the impregnation from the manufacturer may last. Therefore, it is better to follow the common sense and observe, whether the jacket still fulfills its function or not. When in doubt, use impregnation and restore the impregnation layer. You can use impregnation in the form of sprays or in a liquid form, and you can even buy a pack of 2-in-1 together with a washing powder.

LOAP TIP: Impregnate only washed jackets. Otherwise, you will also impregnate dirt, which is then very difficult to remove.

Wash and rinse softshell, but do not spin-dry

Always wash according to the manufacturer's instructions. Softshell jackets usually tolerate washing at 40° C, but we would rather recommend 30° C and gentle washing. Jackets should be rinsed well, so that the washing powder is properly removed. Unless the manufacturer explicitly allows it, do not spin-dry the jacket nor dry it in a dryer. And forget hand wringing, as you could damage the membrane and impair its functionality. Dry the jacket on a hanger and allow the water to drain into a tub or towel, as as not to destroy the floor.

The summary of the ten commandments for softshell washingWomen's softshell jacket ULTIMA

  1. Empty all pockets
  2. Close fasteners, including velcro zippers
  3. Turn the jacket inside out
  4. Use a special washing powder
  5. Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, water softeners
  6. Wash at 30°C-40°C according to the manufacturer's instructions
  7. Let the jacket rinse properly
  8. Never spin-dry softshell in a washing machine nor wring it in hand
  9. Avoid dryers – instead, leave softshell drying on a clothes hanger
  10. Impregnate, if necessary

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