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We have been here for you for a long time already and we love it more and more.:-) LOAP is a pioneer of sportswear and outdoor equipment in this country since 1993.

LOAP is a Czech brand with its own team of designers and technologists.

Although the abbreviation LOAP was formed from two English words "Logical" and "Application", it is read with the Czech pronunciation.

And logical application is the core of the matter - we design our products, so that they are functional, practical, reasonably priced and, most importantly, so that they suit you.

Particular figures

Since 2007, we have sold more than 2.6 million pairs of shoes, and more than 1.3 million backpacks over the past 10 years.

Stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Thanks to the Internet you can buy LOAP virtually anywhere in the world. We do not have our own stores, BUT - do not despair! We have a wide network of LOAP partner stores in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The chance of finding a new LOAP heart in one of the specialized sports shops in your area is therefore very high.

Find out, where  the closest store with LOAP goods is.

LOAP abroad

If you think you will need to buy a backpack when on holiday abroad and you will want to look for a store with our goods nearby, head for FranceSwitzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece. You can also enjoy LOAP products in Turkey and Ukraine.

Milestones in our history

1992 founding of the company Piccollo spol. s.r.o. - Manufacturer and distributor of LOAP brand
1993 marks the emergence of LOOP
2001 establishing cooperation with Sportisimo
2001 we started the export and went to Hungary, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia and then also to Israel, Lebanon and Bahrain
2002 our warehouse in Karlín was affected by floods and it was 4 meters under water
2002 we moved our main warehouse to a different part of the city - Zličín
2003 we established cooperation with Servis
2003 LOOP becomes LOAP
2009 LOAP exports to Slovakia without intermediaries
2010 last active participation in the sports fair ISPO in Munich and Outdoor Fridrichshafen
2013 first participation in the Exhibition of Tents
2015 a major supplier to more than 600 stores
2015 launch of the official e-shop LOAP
2015 - 1st place in the WebTop100 competition in the E-shop category
2007-2017 1.3 million backpacks sold
2007-2017 2.6 million pairs of shoes sold
2017 we export into 16 countries in Europe and Asia
2019 we have become Piccollo Sport

We have been continuously trying to establish manufacturing in Pakistan and Bangladesh, but most of our products are still imported from China, in order to maintain the quality standard of production.



"The only way to do your work well is to love what you do." (Steve Jobs)

If you agree with Steve and, moreover, you see yourself in the description of the job, for which we are now looking for a nice person, please contact us. We are interested in you.

We have no additional meal vouchers in the company now. Nevertheless, if you still want to work for us, write us briefly why and perhaps we will create a completely new job for you. There is never enough clever people.:-)

Note: If you write us, and we do not answer immediately, our departments are probably fighting each other to get you. Thank you in advance for your patience, the winner will get back to you!

Gift certificates

The best gift is the one, which the person’s heart desires. However, if you do not know the heart’s wishes of your close ones or colleagues, a gift certificate is the ideal solution.

People rejoice from gifts virtually anytime and anywhere, usually even more from large gifts;-) We offer you – the gift bringer – gift certificates in multiple values and in unlimited quantities:

  • CZK 500 – you will certainly please them, but not spoil them
  • CZK 1,000 – you will awaken their imagination and anticipation of buying
  • CZK 2.000 – the probability of 99% that you will accomplish the level of joy, which you want
  • CZK 5,000 – you will surpass expectations and maybe even some tears of happiness will appear.

TIP: Do you think that a gift certificate for 2,000 CZK is not enough, but 5,000 CZK is too much? You can combine e.g. gift certificates for 2,000 and CZK 1,000.

So... are we going to make your close ones more or less happy? :-)
Click on this link to purchase: gift certificate.


Place gift certificate JS2 into the cart, as well as the goods. Go through the steps of the order and send it to us by clicking on "Send Order".

Currently, we can only issue a gift certificate for payment in advance. We are not happy about this, but before we solve this, please pay for the gift certificate payment by credit card or bank transfer.


Once you pay for the gift certificate, you will receive an email in .jpg format, as an image. You can then just send it to the relevant person in the electronic form or print it out and hand the gift over in person.

The gift certificate always includes its given monetary value and validity, i.e. one year from the date of issuance of the gift certificate. Moreover, there is an important code on the certificate, which the person receiving the gift certificate can apply in the 1st step of his/her purchase in the shopping cart.

TIP: Printing and sealing of the gift certificate into a transparent foil will cost you several tens of crowns, but a laminated gift certificate printed in high-quality colours will shimmer beautifully. Imagine how happy you would be about such a certificate. :-)

We send gift certificates in the electronic form. Do you want a gift certificates in printed form? Please let us know by e-mail - vseved@loap.cz


Loyalty Program

For the coolest, greatest, most amazing - in short, for all our customers, we have a simple and transparent system of rewards.

Click on which is most interesting:



If you want to take advantage of all the mentioned discounts, join us.



Your reward: instant 10% discount on the first purchase after logging in

You only need 3 steps or 1 small triple jump to get the discount:
     1. Take a few seconds to register to our newsletter.
     2. One click to confirm your e-mail address.
     3. Enter the discount code in your order.


Your reward: discount on all undiscounted goods

To obtain one-time discounts for large purchases, just log in and buy undiscounted goods worth:

  • 120 EUR discount 10%
  • 200 EUR discount 11%
  • 300 EUR discount 12%
  • 400 EUR discount 13%
  • 500 EUR discount 14%
  • 600 EUR discount 15%

This discount will be automatically deducted from the price of the order.



Your reward: instant discount in % or absolute amount for a purchase according to the type of voucher
You only need 3 steps or 1 small triple jump to get the discount:
    1. Get a discount voucher – e.g. in one of our newsletters.
    2. Purchase goods in our e-shop - the main thing is to be happy about it.
    3. Enter the discount code in your order.


Your reward: instant discount in % according to specific goods

You only need 2 steps to get the discount:
    1. Sign up for our newsletter, so that you are among the first to know about our discounts.
    2. Take advantage of the launch of seasonal discounts.


Your reward:

  • CZ: Free shipping on purchases over 48 EUR and more through DPD courier and DPD Pickup upon payment in advance.
  • SK: Free shipping on purchases over 60 EUR and more upon payment in advance.







Our partners

Since 1993, when the brand LOAP was founded, we have had the privilege of working with various partners – both well-known and startup companies, organizers of large events and community associations, individuals and entire sports teams.

We share a common interest in sports, tourism and adventure with all our former and current partners.

Are you planning an action, which you 100% believe in? Are you looking for a strategic partner for a long-term cooperation? Write to us today to: marketing@loap.cz.



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For media

The deadline for your article is coming fast, but there is still 'something' lacking? Could it be an additional info on the topic or an illustration photo in the print quality? Or just a LOAP logo in curves?

Call me, I will be glad to help you: Iva Faiklová

Please send me your irrefusable and only specific offers for advertising or sponsorship in writing to: marketing@piccollo.cz. Looking forward to your offers!


Fast contact:

840 222 334                     vseved@loap.cz


The call is paid by the caller according to the operator's tariff. The price is about the fixed landline.

We will be glad, if you call us and share your problems with us.  

What do you wish:


Ask us for details about the goods, which you are interested in. What we do know, we will gladly answer. What we do not know, we will find out and tell you.

Mon-Fri: 8-16 h    Tel.: 840 222 334

Mon-Sun: 0-24 h   vseved@loap.cz


Make a fast order through the cart in the e-shop. Or by telephone or e-mail.

Via e-shop:
Send us the order by clicking on "Confirm Order".

Via phone:
Order by phone at any time from Monday to Friday, from 8  a.m. and 4 p.m.
Tel.: 840 222 334

Orders are accepted via e-mail nonstop - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



If you know the password to your online banking website and enter the bank code properly, a payment by bank transfer is very easy to make.

We have a bank account under PPF banka a.s.

Bank account in CZK: 2015 4800 18/6000

Bank account in EUR: 2015 4800 26/6000

The variable number can be found in the confirmation e-mail on the receipt of the order.


Before returning the consignment, please contact us to hasten the processing of your request. We do not accept sales returns in the form of cash on delivery.

Tel.: 840 222 334


Address where to send goods:

Piccollo Sport s.r.o.

Strojírenská 259 (premises Volta Real)

155 21 Praha 5 - Zličín


Turn to the head of our e-shop with your compliments, ideas, comments and grievances.



A fast contact for journalists, irrefusable business deals and sponsorship.



If you think and buy in bulk, you must register via our portal B2B or contact our wholesale department.



The information necessary to issue invoices for our business partners.

Piccollo Sport s.r.o.

Řevnická 170/4


155 21 Praha 5

ID No: 067 06 649

VAT ID: CZ 067 06 649

File number: C 287515 under the Municipal Court in Prague
Director: Miroslav Sláma, Ing. Pavel Vajskebr, Ing. Thai Ngoc Nguyen


You can find our offices, designers, technologists and experts here.

Piccollo Sport s.r.o.

division LOAP

Pobřežní 667/78

186 00 Prague 8

Share your problems and please contact us.


Sign up for our newsletter and we will send you a 100 CZK discount voucher for your first purchase over 500 CZK.



DPD courier will deliver the order to your home, or you can pick it up personally at the DPD branches across the country. Delivery within 1-2 working days. You can buy the products from our resellers too.


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