Cookies help you make your purchases happy and easy to browse the web. Thanks to them:

  • Complete purchasing easier and more convenient. The browser remembers your login information and you do not have to re-enter it when you next visit the site.
  • You can get to your favorite goods faster on the basis of what you have been interested in before visiting us.
  • At first you will see what interests you the most, and we will offer special offers in your ad that will be useful to you.
  • Cookies are small files that allow us to recognize your needs from the needs of other site visitors by storing information in your browser.

With cookies, web browsing is easier

We use cookies to customize your site to suit your needs and make it easier for you to crawl. By further browsing our site without changing your browser settings, you consent to the use of cookies on our site.

Treat yourself to a nicer shopping experience

We use only cookies that increase your convenience and clarity on our site.

The most common distribution is for short-term, "session cookies", stored in the browser until it is closed, and persistent cookies. Long-term cookies stay longer in the browser. The retention time of cookies on your device depends on the settings of the file itself and the settings of your browser.

By function, we divide cookies into:

  • Conversion - Allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of different sales channels
  • Tracking - combined with conversion cookies help evaluate the performance of different sales channels
  • Remarketing - We use them to personalize and correctly target ad content
  • Analytic - help us understand how we use our site and increase your browsing convenience
  • Essential - they are important for the basic functionality of the site

Some cookies collect information that will then be used by third parties who directly support our advertising activities (so-called "third-party cookies").

E.g. information about the products that our customers buy on the site can be displayed to the advertising agency. Based on a behavioral evaluation, it adapts the display of Internet advertising banners on the sites you display. Based on this information, we are unable to identify you.

We use the following cookies on our site:

Publisher/ Cookie name Type
AdWords Tracking, Remarketing
Facebook Tracking, Remarketing
Google Analytics Analytical, Tracking
CookiesOK Essential
externalFontsLoaded Essential
informationBanner Essential
pcart Essential
affiliateUniqueAccessId Essential
SRV_ID Essential
Heuréka Tracking, Conversion
Sklik Tracking, Remarketing
Zboží Tracking, Conversion


A ban on cookies may limit the functionality of the site

Of course, you have the ability to accept or reject cookies by modifying your browser settings. However, when you disable cookies, you may not be able to use all the interactive features of our site. Learn more about cookies on Wikipedia.

If you use different computers in multiple places, customize each browser setting according to your needs. For more information on browsers and how to set cookies, visit the following websites:

Internet Explorer

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