We have been here for you for a long time and we love it more and more as the times passes :-)


LOAP has been a pioneer in sportswear and outdoor equipment in the Czech republic since 1993.


LOAP is a Czech brand with its own team of designers and technologists.


Although the namen LOAP was formed from two English words "Logical" and "Application", it is pronounced with Czech pronunciation as [loap].


Logical application is the core of our approach - we design products to be functional, practical, reasonably priced and, most importantly, so that they suit you.


Milestones in our history

1992 Piccollo s.r.o. was founded - manufacturer and distributor of the LOAP brand
1993 introduction of the LOOP brand
2001 cooperation with Sportisimo established
2001 export to Hungary, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia started and then also to Israel, Lebanon and Bahrain
2002 our warehouse in Karlín was affected by floods and it was 4 meters under water
2002 our main warehouse was moved to a different part of the city: Praha - Zličín
2003 cooperation with Servis established
2003 LOOP became LOAP
2009 LOAP started exporting to Slovakia without intermediaries
2010 last active participation in the sports fair ISPO in Munich and Outdoor Fridrichshafen
2013 first participation in the Exhibition of Tents
2015 a major supplier to more than 600 stores
2015 launch of the official LOAP e-shop
2015 - 1st place in the WebTop100 competition in the E-shop category
2007-2017 1.3 million backpacks sold
2007-2017 2.6 million pairs of shoes sold
2017 export into 16 countries in Europe and Asia
2019 change of name to Piccollo Sport

2021 we became part of SPORTISIMO s. r. o.


Basic information

We are originally a Czech chain store and an e-shop with sportswear and sports equipment. The official name of our company is SPORTISIMO s.ro. Since 2000, we have championed not only sports but also all the fun activities that allow our customers to live a "life in motion". The goal of Sportisimo is to provide people with all the equipment they need to lead such a life.



Number of stores


Show stores 




Our motto and slogan all in one reads:

Life in motion


History in three paragraphs

Our company was established in 2000 in the Czech Republic and we opened our first store in the autumn of 2001 in Mlada Boleslav. The number of our stores has been gradually growing ever since. It was only a matter of time before we expanded beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. It happened in 2008, when we opened the first stores in Slovakia, namely in Nitra and Poprad.

At the end of 2008, one more event took place which we consider to be an important milestone for us - we became the first sports chain store in the Czech Republic to launch an e-shop and to allow our customers to shop from the comfort of their homes. We were also very happy in 2011, when we took home the first prize in the Business of the year 2010 survey in the sports equipment category. Ever since then, our award collection has ben growing thanks to you.

In December 2021, we reached a new milestone by opening our 200th store in Europe. Our goal is to continue to grow dynamically - both in the number of stores and in the expansion of our e-shop offer - and to motivate more and more people to live an active lifestyle through our activities.