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Frankly, we confess that technology and materials are boring. HOWEVER, do not lose heart, we will describe them for you briefly and practically. You can learn quickly, what it is in our products that is warming you up and protecting you.

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Children's products are specially tested according to the Ordinance no. 84/2001 Coll., which is in accordance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system of textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. You can be sure that they meet strict environmental requirements, so that they are suitable for intensive contact with baby skin.



STORMEX is a specially developed technology reinforcing the fabric from polyester or polyamide fibers with a reinforced structure, which reliably withstands adverse climatic and weather conditions. Owing to this technology, the material of a higher weight, thickness and density of fibers protects you against rain and strong winds. Due to its properties such clothing is designed for rigorous physical activities like downhill skiing.


AQUA PRO is a breathable membrane specifically designed for outerwear, which enables an easy and quick evaporation of moisture from the body. AQUA PRO windproof membrane forms a separate layer of waterproof clothing with a waterproof finish. The layer from polyester or polyurethane fiber treated in this manner provides a separate rain-proof layer of the clothing, which will reliably protect you against adverse climatic and weather conditions. At the same time, however, it allows for the evaporation of moisture away from the body during intensive physical activity.


DRYTECH is a high quality polyurethane coating of functional clothing. The coating with microporous structure has a very strong tensile strength and tear resistance. DRYTECH coating technology will easily keep you dry in adverse climatic and weather conditions during intensive physical activity.


TSS – TAPE SEAM SEALING is a special technology of thermoplastic protection, consisting of thoroughly taped seams. The taped seams on the bottom side of the outerwear prevent the ingress of moisture to the body. Polyester or polyurethane seams treated by TSS technology will easily keep you dry in adverse climatic and weather conditions.


POLYTHERM is crease-resistant insulating filling designed for outerwear consisting of hollow fibers manufactured by using nozzles with a core. The technology POLYTHERM has large-volume fibers pleasant to the touch and thus the filling has a high level of thermal protection. The specially modified material is also more resistant to dirt, which is thus less visible. The filling technology POLYTHERM has a shape memory, which leads to an increase in warmth and comfort. Type inffil - hollow fibre, Channels - 1.


SOFTSHELL is flexible functional material of the new generation with high resistance to adverse climatic and weather conditions. However, it retains sufficient permeability that allows it to reliably and quickly lead sweat away from the body. Softshell is resistant to abrasion and soiling. The elasticity of the material ensures a maximum comfort during both normal wear and demanding physical activities. Softshell performs its function optimally in combination with functional underwear and a fleece layer of clothing.


SOFTSHELL NO MEMBRANE is flexible functional material of the new generation with adequate resistance to adverse climatic and weather conditions. Softshell without membrane is more breathable than classic Softshell and, therefore, it leads sweat away from the body even more reliably and quickly. Softshell without membrane is resistant to abrasion and soiling. The elasticity of the material ensures a maximum comfort during both normal wear and less demanding physical activities. Softshell performs its function optimally in combination with functional underwear and a fleece layer of clothing.


TECHFLEECE+ is a warm functional material with a high level of thermal protection. It stands out for its low weight and a relatively strong and breathable fabric. Due to both sides being combed, it is very soft and pliable. It is easy to maintain. In combination with the layer of functional underwear and the outerwear Softshell layer, this clothing is ideal for both normal movement and demanding physical activities.


TRIFIBRE is a unique polyester fabric with a distinctive structure of reinforced fibers. Due to this structure of reinforced fibers, the specially modified material is lightweight and breathable, it quickly leads sweat away from the body and dries well. Its advantages include minimum creasing and an increased resistance to stains from perspiration. The fabric with TRIFIBRE technology is ideal for light sports clothing and functional underwear.


THERMOCOOL is a unique technology, which optimizes natural thermoregulatory abilities of the human body. The material with the technology THERMOCOL ensures that moisture is lead away from the body perfectly and fast and that the body is cooled down or heat is absorbed depending on specific needs of the user. The technology THERMOCOOL is often used e.g. for functional underwear and socks.


TECNOSOFT is a glossy material adapted by means of a sophisticated technology of plain weave with approximately the same number of yarns in both directions into a form, which resembles silk, one of the most precious fabrics in the world. The fine material is tightly woven, and yet very lightweight. The fabric with the TECNOSOFT finish is UV-resistant and excels with its minimum absorbency. The material dries very quickly. Due to its functionality and appearance, the clothing with the technology TECNOSOFT is most suited for everyday wear in cities.


YKK zippers are among the best zippers in the world. They are synonymous with reliability, high performance and long life. Japanese YKK zippers are famous for their detailed design. Thanks to their water-resistance YKK zippers are designed primarily for outerwear for extreme weather conditions.


THINSULATE is a leading microfiber from 3M with excellent thermal insulation properties. It is ideal as an insulating layer for functional clothing and sleeping bags designed for extreme conditions. The microfiber THINSULATE has the same characteristics as a hollow fiber, but is considerably lighter. It provides optimum protection against cold at a minimum volume and weight. THINSULATE is easily maintained and cleaned, the fibers have a long life. It does not cause allergies, it is therefore suitable for products in direct contact with the skin, such as gloves.

 Vodeodolny-material_1 WATERPROOF MATERIAL
 2-sides_picto  TWO SIDES
 Odvod-vlhkosti_1  WICKING TREATMENT
 Recyklovatelny-material  RECYCLABLE MATERIAL


REFLEXIVE ELEMENTS protect children walkers and cyclists especially in road traffic. They are produced from materials that reflect light up to a distance 200 meters. Reflexive material is visible on 10 times longer distance than standard clothing when lighting at night or in poor visibility.



TRIPLETEX is a breathable membrane, which allows an easy evaporation of body moisture. The functional layer is located in the sole of the boot and leads water out of the body -  it is evaporating from the feet. The membrane technology TRIPLETEX is waterproof and water-repellent with the height of the water column 10.000 mm and breathability 1.000 g/m2/24 h.


 Bulltech BULLTECH is strong polyester fabric with a characteristic lattice structure. The biggest advantage of this specially treated material consists of high tear strength due to reinforced yarns in the form of grids (mostly square, diamond or hexagonal) woven into the fabric. The meshing prevents spreading of a possible rupture, thus minimizing damage to the material. Part of this fabric is a waterproof polyurethane coating, which ensures waterproofness and abrasion resistance of the material.
 AAS-I AAS I - AIR ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM I is a back system developed specifically for backpacks of the most demanding travelers with a long-term high load. AAS I system provides an excellent load distribution and makes a backpack exceptionally stable, even at the maximum fulfillment of its capacity. The flexibility of the back panel, which respects and follows the movements of the human body, provides an excellent back ventilation. Backpacks with the back system AAS I are designed for challenging expeditions, high-performance treks and any other journeys, when carrying a heavy load.
 AFS AFS - AIR FLOW SYSTEM is a very efficiently designed strong system for backpacks of a smaller volume. The supporting system AFS provides backpacks with an indispensable strengthening of the back and allows for a complete circulation of heated air. Due to this ventilation of the back, you get an invaluable comfort during everyday wear, especially in summer months. AFS suspension system is an ideal solution for smaller hiking backpacks and city backpacks.
 AVS AVS - AIR VENTILATION SYSTEM is a solid back system with a unique back design placed independently on the backpack itself. The arched supporting structure is usually removable and offers yet another way to wear a backpack. AVS system provides the maximum possible back ventilation, because the actual backpack is not in direct contact with the body. The back system AVS is typical especially for smaller hiking backpacks and cycling backpacks.
 ACS-II ACS II - AIR COMFORTABLE SYSTEM II is a sophisticated solid support system particularly suitable for backpacks of a smaller volume. Its structure provides an efficient airflow even with a heavier load, but it also provides the necessary support for the back. The reliable support system ACS II with a hard-back is especially suitable for city backpacks for everyday wear.
 SBS SBS - SOLID BACK SYSTEM is a reliable solid support system for backpacks of a smaller volume. The strength and sophisticated structure of the back system SBS ensures secure storage of the contents inside the bag. Due to its structural strength of the supporting SBS system, it is most often used in lightweight hiking backpacks and bags with an
inner liner for a notebook.
VAS_1  VAS - VARIABLE AIR SYSTEM is the special sturdy support system takes care of the correct position on the back. It‘s highly durable, which is thanks to the EVA material. It‘s a foam almost indestructible material that‘s coated with a strong and highly breathable mesh. EVA is very light material, therefore you don‘t feel the backpack on your back. The VAS system is typical of small-volume hiking backpacks that are provided with maximum comfort for strength and ventilation.


 Polyplus POLYPLUS is a high quality thermal insulating filling from hollow fibers with a great level of “fluffiness”. The filling with the technology POLYPLUS protects even at high humidity levels, and therefore it is preferably used in high quality sleeping bags. The material obtains its unmistakable softness and smoothness similar to feathers thanks to fibers from siliconized 100% polyester. Sleeping bags filled with POLYPLUS are easy to maintain and fast-drying. Another advantage of the filling technology POLYPLUS is the excellent shape memory, which means that after compression, the sleeping bag quickly returns to its original volume. Type inffil - hollow fibre, Channels - 1.
 Thermolite-quallo THERMOLITE QUALLO is a high-quality filling for sleeping bags specially designed so that the minimum weight of the material ensures maximum thermal insulation properties comparable with feathers. THERMOLITE QUALLO is a patented seven-channel fiber of the company DuPont with anti-allergic treatment. Sleeping bags with this filling are machine washable.
 Thermolite-extra THERMOLITE EXTRA is a high quality filler specially developed for the use in extremely low temperatures while maintaining the minimum weight of the material. The thermal insulating filler technology THERMOLITE EXTRA is a blend of three types of flexible spiral hollow fibers with a high shape memory. Hollow fibers also have a long life owing to their high quality design.
 Jednovrstva-konstrukce  SINGLE CONSTRUCTION - Single layer sleeping bag construction.
 Dvouvrstva-konstrukce  DOUBLE CONSTRUCTION - Sandwich sleeping bag construction.



With its functional properties and technical specifications, it is ideal for downhill skiing or freeride.

With its functional properties and technical specifications, it is ideal for Nordic skiing even in our latitudes. Simply for cross-country skiing. :-)
With its functional properties and technical specifications, it is ideal for weekend or holiday hiking.
With its functional properties and technical specifications, it is ideal for mountain hiking.
Nordic-walkingWith its functional properties and technical specifications, it is ideal for Nordic walking and brisk fitness walks.
With its functional properties and technical specifications, it is ideal for travelling and exploring the world.
With its functional properties and technical specifications, it is ideal for holidays in a tent with family or friends.
With its functional properties and technical specifications, it is ideal for cycling and any activity during which you want to wear minimal burden.
With its functional properties and technical specifications, it is ideal for running or fitness.
With its functional properties and technical specifications, it is ideal for the city.
With its functional properties and technical specifications, it is ideal for active leisure.



CO  CO Cotton is in and thus it is one of the most widely used fabrics in the world, your wardrobe no doubt knows something about it. Cotton is a natural fiber, easy to wash and clean. It has good absorption properties and it is very pleasant to the touch. It tends to crease easily and that is why blends of cotton and polyester or cotton blended with elastane are so popular, as they make the cotton clothing more flexible and close-fitting.
In the collection LOAP, you will mainly find cotton in clothing - e.g. sweatshirts, T-shirts, shorts, dresses etc.
Feathers  Peri


Feathers an isolantion infill from quality duck feathers with high thermal protection which guarantees a perfect thermo insulation properties with low weight clothing. For quilting products we recommend gentle washing with a ball and the subsequent use of a dryer. This will secure a backward even distribution of the filling. Chemical cleaning is also possible, due to this, the filling remains in the original place for all the time.


EA  EA Elastane is clearly the superhero of flexibility. It can be stretched up to seven times its original shape and length. Elastane fibers are very delicate and are always used in combination with other fibers. E.g. cotton T-shirts with elastane will fit you better due to their elasticity, but they also tend to crease much less. Elastane fiber is resistant to seawater.

In the collection LOAP, you will find elastane especially in clothing - trousers, sweatshirts and T-shirts.
Ethylene vinyl acetate EVA EVA is great and we like it. It is an almost indestructible foam material. EVA likes swimming, it is lightweight and versatile - suitable both for a swim and a walk around the city. Shoes from EVA absorb shock very well and you can never drown them.

In the collection LOAP, you will find EVA in footwear - flip-flops, slippers and low shoes.
 Dural  Dural Dural is durable! It is a high-strength aluminium alloy, hard and long lasting. It stands out for its low weight. Due to the higher price it is mainly used in expensive tourist tents.

In the collection LOAP, you will find dural in the structure of some tents.
 Duralwrap Durawrap_1 Duralwrap is tuned laminate and you will enjoy setting up a tent with it.  Stakes from duralwrap can be identified according to the distinctive diamond-shaped pattern. Duralwrap material is more expensive than traditional fiberglass, on the other hand it offers a greater strength of rods with the same weight. The surface of the rods is also wrapped by tubing and the rods ends are fitted with metal couplings.

In the collection LOAP, you will see duralwrap in the structure of tents.
 Polyamide PA We root for polyamide. It is even better than cotton - it has better tensile strength, but it is also more flexible and more resistant to abrasion and tearing. Products made of polyamide do not shrink and they dry quickly. Their disadvantage is less resistance to the effects of light (they get yellowish in time) and easy charging with static electricity. Polyamide is often used to reinforce highly loaded places In mixtures with other materials.

In the collection LOAP, you will see polyamide especially in jackets (technology STORMEX) outer parts of shoes (technology TRIFIBRE), socks, backpacks and bags or sleeping bags.
Phylon PH Phylon is an ultra lightweight soft material, which inherently and brilliantly dampens any schocks. It is essentially a lighter and more durable, more moldable and double-molded EVA liner. The disadvantage compared to EVA is a higher price. Phylon is mainly used in midsoles and outsoles.

You will find Phylon in footwear in the collection LOAP.
Polyethylene PE Polyethylene is currently one the most widely used synthetic fibers in the world. For example many foils, toys, freezer bags and textile fibers are made from it. It is lightweight but extremely strong, it can withstand sunlight, weathering and humidity, it has good insulating properties. An improper storage of products may cause deformation or warping over time.

In this collection, you will find LOAP polyethylene especially in tent floors.
Polyethylene vinyl acetate PEVA EVA is almost half lighter material than PVC, but it also more resistant to lower temperatures. It is cheaper and recyclable material. PEVA is most commonly used for shower curtains and raincoats.

The collection LOAP includes PEVA in accessories  - for example in children's raincoats.
PL/PES  PL Polyester produced from oil is among the most widely used synthetic materials in the world. It is used to make e.g. PET bottles, underwear, as well as seat belts and sportswear. PES is a lightweight material, which does not absorb water, it leads sweat away from the body very quickly and dries well. Moreover, it is resistant to stains e.g. from sweat. PES is great because it virtually does not crease. The disadvantage is that it absorbs odors. Polyester is easy to maintain, but be careful when machine washing - the water temperature must not exceed 30°C. If you want to iron, you can do it only through a wet towel at max. 150°C. In this collection, you will find LOAP polyester in sports jackets (technology STORMEX, AQUA PRO, TSS), fleece sweatshirts (technology TECHFLEECE +) and functional underwear (technology TRIFIBRE), backpacks (technology BULLTECH), tents and sleeping bags (technology POLYPLUS).
Polypropylene PP Polypropylene wins in the flyweight category. With its low weight, it is the lightest fiber on the market. Polypropylene is stable and tough material, which has the lowest water absorption of all known textile fibers and quickly removes moisture from the body. Polypropylene has also excellent thermal insulation properties, and moreover, it does not shrink during machine washing even at higher temperatures.

In the collection LOAP, you will find polypropylene in socks.
Polyurethane PU Polyurethane is one of the best thermal insulators, moreover, it is very lightweight, it has good tensile strength and it resists the wind perfectly. Therefore it is perfectly suited as a membrane for functional clothing and footwear.
In the collection LOAP, you will find polyurethane in sports jackets (technologies DRYTECH, AQUA PRO, TSS), gloves, outer parts of boots and  belts, backpacks in (technology BULLTECH).
Polyvinyl chloride PVC_1 PVC is the third most widely used plastic on Earth and it is made from common salt. PVC is used to make e.g. toys, flooring, and also clothing and shoes. It is a lightweight flexible material with good thermal insulation properties. Nevertheless, you should be careful, when recycling, which PVC is not suitable for - 1 bottle of PVC may degrade the recycling of 30-50 thousand PET bottles.

In the collection LOAP, you will find PVC in sleeping pads.
Rip Stop RS Rip Stop fabric was developed in the USA during WWII. It is a fabric with high strength produced by a special technique.  5-8 mm thick warp threads are woven into a thin fabric. This is why a divided structure (mostly "squared", "diamond-shaped" or "hexagonal") is typical of products with Rip Stop. The greatest advantage of Rip Stop lies in the increased resistance to tearing. In case of a rupture the damage is minimum due to "grids" from warp threads.

In the collection LOAP, you will find Rip Stop in backpacks and sleeping bags.
 Fibreglass GRP_sklolaminat Those who want to save money, use  fiberglass. And they don't have to feel ashamed about it, as it is about the most common material used for rods in tents. The lower price is reflected in the relatively higher weight of rods. Also they frequently tend to break at the edge of the metal couplings, when you set up and disassemble the tents too often. You need to handle them carefully and avoid doing "wild" things in the tent;-)

In this collection, you will find LOAP fiberglass in tents.
Thermoplastic rubber TPR_1 TPR stands for thermoplastic rubber, a kind of high quality synthetic rubber. It is often confused with TPE, which is plastic however. Unlike TPE, glues stick well to TPR and thus it is more suitable for manufacturing of shoe soles. The advantages of TPR include heat resistance and low pressure deformation, in other words, the shoes are worn out less

In the collection LOAP, you will find TPR soles in most shoes.
Viscose Viskoza_1 Viscose is a synthetic fiber, but - surprise, surprise - it is made from natural cellulose, i.e. wood. Products made of viscose fibers are pleasant to the touch, they absorb humidity well and they do not crease. The popularity of the shiny viscose stems from its properties similar to natural silk. Yarn is most often used to manufacture outerwear and linings.

In the collection LOAP, you will find viscose in some ladies summer shirts or tank tops.



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