Maintenance and care

With a new product, it is like with a new relationship. We want to be together as much as possible, we are incredibly attentive towards each other and we are very careful not to spoil anything, we plan a common future and we believe it will be for life this time.
However... let's be honest, you will not celebrate any diamond wedding with some softshell. On the other hand, why not celebrate for example a tin wedding?

In other words, proper care and regular maintenance will extend the life of the product, save money and the environment. And this is worth it! :-)

Care for clothes

Instructions for puffers/feathers:

For quilting products we recommend gentle washing with a ball and the subsequent use of a dryer. This will secure a backward even distribution of the filling. Chemical cleaning is also possible, due to this, the filling remains in the original place for all the time.


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Care for Shoes

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Care for a Backpack

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Care for a tent

Pack the tent and pegs only dry, clean and free of dirt or mud.

Store the tent in a dry, well-ventilated place.

Ideally, remove the tent from the packaging (or at least leave the packaging open).

Store rods and pegs separately. Keep the rods folded.


Use a brush or a soap water solution to remove any potential stains.
Never use detergents, which can disrupt water repellent surface treatment of materials.


Any other method of cleaning may damage the product.


Download the manual for the tent in PDF:

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Watch the instructions how to build your tent: 


Care for sleeping bag

Open and ventilate the sleeping bag after each use.

Use a sleeping bag liner, it will extend the life of the bag.


A slightly dirty sleeping bag should be cleaned with a sponge soaked in lukewarm soap water, if necessary. Use a coarse brush.


A heavily soiled sleeping bag should be washed in a washing machine wash at max. 30°C.

Use a fine powder for gentle washing.

Use the rinse program at least 5 times.

Do not spin-dry in a washing machine.

Squeeze the water out manually, or spin-dry in a washing machine for 20 seconds at most.

When using a dryer, the must not exceed 30°C.

We do not recommend dry cleaning.


Any other method of cleaning may damage the product.


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Care for sleeping pads

Store the mattress with an open valve in a dry and well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

Use a brush and an adequate detergent to remove dirt.

Prevent contact of the mattress with oil, petroleum products, chemicals, repellents and tanning agents.

When outside of this cleaning method may damage the product


Download the manual for the sleeping pads in PDF.